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Dis­cover fea­tures that give you a smoother experience on the web

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On the sur­face, your Mac’s built-in web browser looks much like any other. It has a dual-purpose bar for en­ter­ing the ad­dress of a web­site or page, or terms you want to search for, and a tab bar for all the pages you have open. Yet it packs in many use­ful tricks for eas­ier brows­ing.

Before we move on to those, let’s talk about a cou­ple of short­cuts that are re­ally help­ful. First, rather than reach­ing for your mouse or track­pad to click in the search bar, press ç+l in­stead. This moves the in­put fo­cus to the bar.

Sec­ond, as you’ll see on the op­po­site page, typ­ing in the search field dis­plays var­i­ous kinds of sug­ges­tions. Quickly move down them a cat­e­gory at a time by us­ing ç+æ. In fact, this also works in the re­sults pre­sented by macOS’s Spot­light fea­ture.

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