Dis­cover quick ways to get around us­ing pop­u­lar in­put de­vices

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To go back or for­ward in a tab’s his­tory, hold ç and press a square bracket key. To move along the tab bar, add ß. Use ç and a digit (1 to 9) to jump to a tab. Set up com­bos for menu items in

 > Sys­tem Prefs > Key­board > Short­cuts > App Short­cuts.


Swipe two fin­gers left or right to go back or for­ward. With the pointer over a page el­e­ment, dou­ble-tap two fin­gers to zoom in on it, or spread apart/pinch to­gether to zoom ar­bi­trar­ily. When fully zoomed out, pinch again for an overview of all open tabs.

Magic Mouse

Hor­i­zon­tal swipes of two fin­gers jump back and for­ward through a tab’s his­tory. Magic Mouse doesn’t of­fer ar­bi­trary zoom­ing, but a two-fin­ger dou­ble-tap on it zooms in or out to what­ever’s un­der the pointer, just as it does on a track­pad.

Third-party mice

Check whether your mouse’s maker pro­vides soft­ware for tai­lor­ing what the var­i­ous but­tons do. In some cases you can even tai­lor ac­tions to do dif­fer­ent things ac­cord­ing to what app you’re us­ing at a given mo­ment.

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