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Make a backup

In­stead of Time Ma­chine, we’ll use a dif­fer­ent tool to save time if you want to roll back, yet still test your full setup with High Sierra. Con­nect a spare drive and erase it (not just its par­ti­tion) with a GUID scheme in Disk Util­ity.

Pre­pare for cloning

Down­load Su­perDu­per ( shirt to clone your startup disk to the sec­ond drive. Set the app’s Copy pop-up menu to your startup disk, its “to” pop-up to your ex­ter­nal drive, and “us­ing” to “Backup – all files.”

Start cloning

Click Op­tions. Set “Dur­ing copy” to “Erase <vol­ume>, then copy files…” and then Click OK > Copy Now > Copy. Once cloning’s done, re­name the copy “High Sierra,” make it your startup disk in Sys­tem Prefs, and restart your Mac.

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