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Ac­ti­vate Do Not Dis­turb

Open Set­tings and tap Do Not Dis­turb. Use the topmost switch to turn on the fea­ture; on most iOS de­vices, a crescent moon is shown in the sta­tus bar when Do Not Dis­turb is ac­tive.

Sched­ule quiet time

You can turn on Do Not Dis­turb from Con­trol Cen­tre by tap­ping the moon icon. You can also have it ac­ti­vate au­to­mat­i­cally dur­ing cer­tain hours: turn on “Sched­uled” and tap the From/To box.

Turn it on

A pair of ro­tat­ing di­als will ap­pear, on which you can swipe up or down to set an hour and minute. The From row will be se­lected al­ready; use the di­als to set the time when Do Not Dis­turb will turn it­self on au­to­mat­i­cally.

Turn it off

Tap the To row and set the time that you want Do Not Dis­turb to switch off. At that time, your de­vice will re­turn to nor­mal, with your usual no­ti­fi­ca­tions and sounds (change these in Set­tings > No­ti­fi­ca­tions).

Tweak si­lence

Go back to the top level of Do Not Dis­turb’s set­tings. Un­der Si­lence, there’s a choice: have Do Not Dis­turb si­lence all alerts, or only when your de­vice is locked; so, they’ll play when your at­ten­tion is on screen.

Al­low calls

You may have some peo­ple who you al­ways need to be able to get through. Turn on Re­peated Calls to al­low a sec­ond call from the same per­son to get through if it comes within three min­utes of the first one.

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