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A more ex­cit­ing re­al­ity with an ARKit-based app

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The ARKit frame­work in­cluded in iOS 11 en­ables iPhones and iPads to su­per­im­pose com­puter graph­ics over the real world, al­low­ing devel­op­ers to take their apps be­yond the screen and into the user’s en­vi­ron­ment. Here we’ve cho­sen six stand­out ti­tles on the App Store that make great use of the nascent plat­form in ways you may not ex­pect. Did you know you can use AR to rear your own pet dragon? Or mea­sure your apart­ment and then test out how new items will look in your kitchen? And of course, there are some puzzle games in there,

Sky Guide AR $2.99 Made for iPhone, iPad

Gyro-based stargaz­ing apps have been around for years, but Sky Guide is the first to mark out con­stel­la­tions and plan­ets in the sky over­head. It fea­tures rich data about celestial bod­ies and neat time travel con­trols. And if you have an Ap­ple Watch, the app can send you a push no­ti­fi­ca­tion if an event is about to hap­pen, like when the In­ter­na­tional Space Sta­tion is about to drift over.

ARise $2.99 Made for iPhone, iPad

ARise com­bines a puzzle game me­chanic with op­ti­cal il­lu­sions to cre­ate a novel AR ex­pe­ri­ence. Es­cort a knight of the realm through a high-rise land­scape in which the path is blocked by miss­ing sec­tions. It’s your job to fill in the gaps by phys­i­cally mov­ing around the as­cend­ing lev­els to look for the right per­spec­tive that lines up the con­nect­ing sym­bols. It’s chal­leng­ing but fun.

Con­duct AR! $3.99 Made for iPhone, iPad

This beau­ti­fully drawn ti­tle is a rail­road strat­egy game that you can play on your ta­ble top. The aim is to en­sure the smooth run­ning of your train through the canyons of the Wild West, switch­ing tracks and avoid­ing col­li­sions in an ef­fort to trans­port your pas­sen­gers to their des­ti­na­tions. As the lev­els progress, the ter­rain be­comes more un­for­giv­ing and the rail­road lines get ever-more com­plex.

AR Mea­sureKit Free Made for iPhone, iPad

Dig­i­tal mea­sur­ing tapes were among some of the first AR apps on the App Store, but AR Mea­sureKit does so much more. It in­cludes sev­eral tools — all with step-by-step in­struc­tions — that serve dif­fer­ent pur­poses, in­clud­ing: a ruler that fol­lows any tra­jec­tory you draw in open space; a level; a tool for finding the de­gree of an an­gle; and a marker pin for mea­sur­ing longer dis­tances.

IKEA Place Free Made for iPhone, iPad

IKEA has added more than 2,000 items from its cat­a­log to its AR app, which en­ables cus­tomers to pre­view chairs, ta­bles, so­fas, and more in their homes. Items can be ro­tated and moved in a room so you can get an idea of its size rel­a­tive to the space. Mul­ti­ple items can be added at the same time, and there’s an op­tion to take a pic­ture that can be saved to your Cam­era Roll or shared.

Fol­low Me Dragon Free Made for iPhone, iPad

If you re­mem­ber Ta­m­agotchi then you’ve al­ready got the gist of Fol­low Me Dragon. Drake is the cute char­ac­ter at the cen­ter of this fun pet sim­u­la­tion game, and you’re his cus­to­dian. You get to raise him, feed him, en­ter­tain him, and gen­er­ally watch him grow day by day as he fol­lows you around your en­vi­ron­ment. You can even play ball with Drake and he’ll ping it right back to you.

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