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The rise of smart­phones over the last few years has led to an ex­po­nen­tial in­crease in the num­ber of apps to track your life­style and daily habits.

Much of the data from these apps finds its way into Ap­ple’s HealthKit, which pro­vides a con­ve­nient, if unin­spir­ing, sum­mary of over­all well­be­ing in the stock Health app. Third–party app Gy­ro­scope tries to go one bet­ter, how­ever, by in­te­grat­ing all these data points and more into a uni­fied per­sonal pro­file that of­fers users a de­tail–rich story about them­selves via visu­ally im­pres­sive daily or weekly re­port cards.

Here’s how it works. Gy­ro­scope’s ini­tial setup in­volves grant­ing the app per­mis­sion to re­trieve data from as many sources as pos­si­ble, from Strava and Ap­ple Health on the health and fit­ness front, to pro­duc­tiv­ity track­ing ser­vice Res­cueTime and even move­ment map­ping via Foursquare and Moves. The more of these sources you al­low Gy­ro­scope to grab, the bet­ter, oth­er­wise you’ll end up miss­ing out on what this “op­er­at­ing sys­tem for the hu­man body” is try­ing to do.

A good ex­am­ple is the way Gy­ro­scope tries to de­tect your sleep­ing habits. The app’s al­go­rith­mic AI uses your step count and com­bines it with data from Res­cueTime to de­cide if you were asleep dur­ing a given pe­riod of time. It then looks at lo­ca­tion data from Moves or Foursquare, and mod­i­fies your recorded sleep times if it sees lo­ca­tions chang­ing dur­ing pe­ri­ods that it “thought” you were asleep.

We found Gy­ro­scope’s sleep/ac­tiv­ity track­ing to be more ac­cu­rate than the Fit­bit app alone, but only when all data sources were avail­able — dis­abling just one make its analy­ses a lot less in­sight­ful.

The plethora of cus­tom­iz­a­ble re­port cards (some of which re­quire a Pro sub­scrip­tion) is im­pres­sive, and all can be shared with fel­low Gy­ro­scope users and via any so­cial me­dia in­te­gra­tions. All this is pro­vided you don’t har­bor pri­vacy con­cerns.

the bot­tom line. An am­bi­tious app that de­liv­ers, if you sync it with mul­ti­ple apps. Tim Hard­wick

Gy­ro­scope’s data sources are pre­sented as a se­ries of up­dat­ing re­port cards.

Each re­port card shows tracked data as a vis­ual graph or map.

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