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$14.99 From Raw Fury Games, long­hathouse.com Made for iPhone, iPad, Ap­ple TV Needs iOS 10.0 or later

There’s been a lot of twin-stick shoot­ers ported to iOS, but none of them have been quite like this. Move­ment in Dan­dara is mapped to the right vir­tual stick, and shoot­ing to the left. How­ever, the game’s epony­mous char­ac­ter can’t walk, she can only fire a grap­pling hook in the di­rec­tion you in­di­cate and, if the sur­face at the other end is suit­able, pull her­self to­ward it. Grav­ity doesn’t mat­ter — she can stand up­side down or on a ro­tat­ing block — but oc­ca­sion­ally the sur­face she lands on is elec­tri­fied, and she has a lim­ited time to leap away again. Com­bat be­comes ac­ro­batic, you’re al­ways try­ing to get be­hind an enemy, or at least out of its weapon cone, be­fore fir­ing your own.

Death means los­ing all your col­lected cur­rency and restart­ing from the near­est ac­ti­vated camp­ground, re­turn­ing to the scene of your death to re­claim the cash. The save sys­tem isn’t ideal for a mo­bile game, but the move­ment and shoot­ing are nicely tuned for a touch­screen ti­tle. Once you’ve got used to them, that is.

The pixel art style, along with the ac­ro­batic method of tra­ver­sal and es­pe­cially the twirl Dan­dara per­forms as she ex­its a level, re­calls the first Prince of Per­sia game, al­though the en­vi­ron­ments are much more de­tailed. The imag­i­na­tion that’s gone into Dan­dara’s world shows, but the game suf­fers from a feel­ing of fa­mil­iar­ity and lack of di­rec­tion, of­ten leav­ing you un­sure of what to do next.

the bot­tom line. An ex­plo­ration and com­bat game with quirky con­trols and adorable art.

To shoot, choose the di­rec­tion of fire then re­lease your thumb to un­leash bul­lets.

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