Com­mon is­sues

Hav­ing trouble af­ter in­stalling High Sierra? Here’s how to tackle some of the most com­mon is­sues

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Skim some on­line dis­cus­sion fo­rums and you’d be for­given for think­ing High Sierra breaks pretty much ev­ery­thing. Some peo­ple re­port that their Mail, Con­tacts, or Mes­sages are lost or not synced. Apps stop work­ing. Wi-Fi or Blue­tooth fall over.

There do seem to be bugs that Ap­ple has still to fix. Cer­tain fonts — even key ones such as Times — might stop showing up in Ap­ple apps. Apps might not play videos that are over 1GB in size from an ex­ter­nal drive with­out a te­dious process of “ver­i­fy­ing,” which can take sev­eral min­utes. But most glitches, it seems, can be cured with a lit­tle tweak­ing…

If your Mac won’t start

Start up in safe mode (see­safemd), which per­forms some ba­sic house­keep­ing, cleans out some caches, and dis­ables un­nec­es­sary ex­ten­sions, fonts, and startup items, all of which could be the cause of the is­sue. If your Mac works in this mode, restart in its nor­mal mode to see if the prob­lem is gone there, too.

Other sleep or power iss ues

If your MacBook won’t wake or sleep, the fan is rac­ing when there’s no in­ten­sive ac­tiv­ity un­der­way, its bat­tery isn’t charg­ing, or USB de­vices aren’t be­ing rec­og­nized, re­set­ting the SMC (Sys­tem Man­age­ment Con­troller) might help. But, Ap­ple pro­vides a list of sce­nar­ios in which this may be nec­es­sary — see­setsmc.

Set­tings won’t stick

If sys­tem set­tings such as sound vol­ume, dis­play res­o­lu­tion, and time zone won’t stay the way you set them, re­set the NVRAM (non-volatile ran­dom ac­cess mem­ory) — hold down Alt+Cmd+P+R at startup and re­lease when you hear the startup sound a sec­ond time, or see the Ap­ple logo. Fur­ther de­tails about NVRAM are at­set­nvram.

Roll bac k to Sierra

Ap­ple rec­om­mends High Sierra to en­sure you get the lat­est se­cu­rity and compatibility en­hance­ments. But it is still pos­si­ble to down­load and in­stall Sierra (on Macs re­leased prior to High Sierra); use this op­tion if you don’t have a Time Ma­chine backup from when you ran Sierra that you can roll back to. You’ll find a link at

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