> Wi-Fi con­nec­tion is­sues

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Are you finding Wi-Fi flakey? First, you should check you’ve in­stalled the lat­est macOS up­dates. Next, click the Wi-Fi menu bar icon and turn off Wi-Fi, wait a few sec­onds, then turn it on again. Do this for Blue­tooth, too, as Air­Play and Con­ti­nu­ity fea­tures such as Hand­off use it to dis­cover nearby de­vices. Also try the old trick of restart­ing both your router and your Mac.

Check whether Wi-Fi is work­ing on other de­vices. If so, click the Wi-Fi icon in the menu bar, turn off Wi-Fi, open net­work pref­er­ences, click Ad­vanced, then se­lect the net­work you’re hav­ing trouble with. Click the mi­nus but­ton to delete it. Turn Wi-Fi on, then re­con­nect to net­work and en­ter its pass­word.

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