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soft­ware doesn’t work in High Sierra. One so­lu­tion is to keep Sierra or ear­lier run­ning in a vir­tual ma­chine (VM). You can in­stall it in Vir­tu­alBox 5 or Par­al­lels Desk­top 13, but we’ll show the process in VMware Fu­sion 10.

You’ll need a copy of the in­staller for your older ver­sion of macOS or OS X (Lion or later). An ob­sta­cle here is if your cur­rent Mac shipped with a newer ver­sion; the Mac App Store will refuse to down­load the older in­staller; there’s no over­ride for this. The other op­tions are to search your Time Ma­chine back­ups for the right ver­sion, or re­down­load on an older Mac, if avail­able.

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