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If you val­ued the ex­tended key­board in land­scape mode, note that it is ab­sent in iOS 11. Key or­der in the bot­tom row also changes when ro­tat­ing an iPhone (but not an iPad), swap­ping the Emoji and 123 keys, and mov­ing the mic key even fur­ther. Google’s Gboard lets you make your own cus­tom key­board.

If an app no longer ap­pears in search re­sults af­ter up­grad­ing, lo­cate it in the list In Set­tings > Siri & Search. Tap its name there and turn on the Show App switch; this isn’t avail­able for ev­ery app, but where it is shown, it ini­tially matches the Search & Siri Sug­ges­tions item’s state, hid­ing the app in re­sults as well as its con­tents.

Con­nec­tiv­ity clashes

As is com­mon with up­dates, iOS 11 can re­sult in Blue­tooth and Wi-Fi odd­i­ties, and these can af­fect pair­ing with a Watch. Af­ter up­grad­ing to iOS 11 and watchOS 4, your Watch may lose its con­nec­tion with your iPhone.

Try shut­ting down both de­vices and then pow­er­ing them on again. If that doesn’t help, you’ll need to un­pair them, which is best started on your Watch. Once they’re un­paired, turn your Watch off and then on again, be­fore pair­ing it with your iPhone. Un­pair­ing and pair­ing can also fix other Blue­tooth is­sues.

The Wi-Fi and Blue­tooth but­tons in Con­trol Cen­tre no longer work as you might ex­pect; turn­ing them off in iOS 11 merely dis­con­nects from net­works and de­vices un­til 5am. This is to en­sure AirDrop, Air­Play, Con­ti­nu­ity, and Watch con­nec­tions are un­af­fected. If sav­ing power is your aim, you’ll need to turn them off in Set­tings.

Apps may not be listed in search re­sults un­til you turn on their Show App switch in Set­tings.

Wi-Fi and Blue­tooth but­tons in Con­trol Cen­tre no longer turn those sys­tems off com­pletely.

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