Check bat­tery us­age on iPhone and iPad

Iden­tify where all your mo­bile en­ergy is go­ing

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You’re prob­a­bly al­ready aware that iOS works dif­fer­ently to the Mac with power man­age­ment. Apps can’t just run in the back­ground eat­ing up bat­tery power — if they’re not vis­i­ble on screen, they op­er­ate in lim­ited ways in the back­ground. This means you don’t have to worry about quitting all apps to save bat­tery life in quite the same way — but some apps still hog en­ergy more than oth­ers, and you’ll want to iden­tify them.

In Set­tings, tap the Bat­tery op­tion (in the third group down). The Bat­tery Us­age sec­tion will tell you ex­actly which apps are re­spon­si­ble for run­ning down your charge. Apps are listed in de­scend­ing or­der of cul­pa­bil­ity, showing what per­cent­age of your to­tal power ex­pen­di­ture each is re­spon­si­ble for; you can also tap the clock icon to see how long apps have spent on the screen, and how much time they’ve been work­ing in the back­ground. Use­fully, rows may also list ways in which apps might be us­ing your bat­tery even when not vis­i­ble. Mostly, rea­sons will be ob­vi­ous — a pod­cast app will in­di­cate that it plays audio, say. It’s the neb­u­lous “Back­ground Ac­tiv­ity” to watch for.

This will gen­er­ally con­sist of two things: fetch­ing data in the back­ground; and check­ing your lo­ca­tion. If you see apps you don’t re­ally use, but are per­form­ing a lot of back­ground ac­tiv­ity, con­sider unin­stalling them. Just two apps can add up to 5% of us­age, which could mean an­other hour of charge.

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