What is Low Power Mode?

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You’ll find this op­tion at the top of Set­tings > Bat­tery page, and it’s an easy way to in­crease your iPhone’s bat­tery life. Turn it on and it low­ers the screen bright­ness, turns off apps’ abil­ity to re­fresh data in the back­ground, stops the phone lis­ten­ing for “Hey Siri” if you have that turned on, and lim­its swish an­i­ma­tions. Add all these up and it will re­sult in hours of ex­tra bat­tery life. When it’s turned on, the bat­tery sta­tus icon is yel­low. It turns off when the bat­tery hits 80% full dur­ing charg­ing.

You can make it re­ally easy to turn on Low Power Mode by adding an item to Con­trol Cen­tre. Go to Set­tings > Con­trol Cen­tre > Cus­tom­ize Con­trols, find the Low Power Mode op­tion and tap the green plus sym­bol next to it. It will be added to the bot­tom of the list; drag from the han­dles on the right if you want to re­order the list. Make it per­ma­nent A lot of what Low Power Mode does can be mim­icked on a per­ma­nent ba­sis, by turn­ing off the right things in Set­tings. Go to Siri & Search and turn off “Lis­ten for ‘Hey Siri.’” Next, go to Dis­play & Bright­ness and turn down the bright­ness (and turn off True Tone if your de­vice has it). Now, in iTunes & App Store, turn off Up­dates in Au­to­matic Down­loads. Then, go to Gen­eral > Ac­ces­si­bil­ity and turn on Re­duce Mo­tion to stop iOS per­form­ing some of its more graph­i­cally tax­ing an­i­ma­tions. Fi­nally, tweak Back­ground App Re­fresh as ex­plained in the box to the right.

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