How to Save even more power on iOS

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Lo­ca­tion Ser­vices

If an app is de­tect­ing your lo­ca­tion in the back­ground, it’s burning bat­tery — GPS is in­ten­sive. Go to Set­tings > Pri­vacy > Lo­ca­tion Ser­vices. An app with a pur­ple ar­row icon is check­ing your lo­ca­tion right now! Let’s take con­trol…

Rein in web con­tent

Once again, the ap­pear­ance of ads on the in­ter­net can be a big power suck. You can get con­tent block­ers on iOS too — they’re in­stalled from the App Store. Down­load one, then go to Set­tings > Sa­fari > Con­tent Block­ers and en­able it.

GPS on your terms

Tap an app to get three op­tions. “Never” means the app can’t ever ac­cess your lo­ca­tion. “While Us­ing” means it can only get your lo­ca­tion when it’s open on the screen. “Al­ways” means it can use it any time, even when in the back­ground.

App Store Au­to­play

Auto-play­ing videos aren’t great for your de­vice’s bat­tery life. Con­tent block­ers stop them on the web, but the App Store has them too! Well, un­less you go to Set­tings > iTunes & App Store > Video Au­to­play and turn them off.

Cut back on Wi-Fi

Yes, this again! If you don’t use Wi-Fi, turn it off. Go to Set­tings > Wi-Fi and flick the switch. Don’t do it from Con­trol Cen­tre — in iOS 11, tap­ping the Wi-Fi but­ton there sim­ply dis­con­nects from the cur­rent net­work for a time.

Face-down phone

This one’s easy — put your iPhone (5s on­wards) face down when you’re not us­ing it! The phone knows you can’t see the screen, so doesn’t light up when a no­ti­fi­ca­tion ar­rives. (Items will be shown on the Lock screen once you turn it over.)

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