Bat­tery-boost­ing ac­ces­sories

Set­tings will help you save juice, but these gad­gets will pump up the power when you re­ally need it

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>>> Na­tive Union Jump Ca­ble na­tive­u­ $49.99

A com­pact charg­ing ca­ble and bat­tery pack in one neat, por­ta­ble piece. It has USB-A and Light­ning plugs built in; you charge the bat­tery over USB, and plug in your iPhone for an en­ergy boost!

>>> Mo­phie Pow­er­sta­tion USB-C XXL mo­ $149.95

It’s not cheap, but this 19,500mAh bat­tery can out­put power at 30W. Not only can it charge your iPhone and iPad, it car­ries enough power for a full charge of a 13-inch MacBook Pro.

>>> Ap­ple Smart Bat­tery Case ap­ $99

Ap­ple’s own bat­tery case works great with iPhone 6/6S/7 and (un­of­fi­cially) 8. The lumpy back is a lit­tle bit weird, but it keeps the phone edges easy to grip, and it’s pretty good for pro­tec­tion. (There aren’t any Ap­ple-cer­ti­fied bat­tery cases for the iPhone X yet.)

>>> Torro Cases Qi Wire­less Charg­ing Por­ta­ble Power Bank tor­ro­ $39.99

This 10,400mAh bat­tery pack has a Qi– com­pat­i­ble charger built in, mean­ing you place your iPhone 8 or X on it for ca­ble– free juice. It also has a USB port, though, for charg­ing other de­vices — it’s per­fect for min­i­mal­ist travel charg­ing.

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