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Over the years, I’ve used a lot of dif­fer­ent com­put­ers to do high-end video edit­ing. And I ask a lot from them. These days, 4K video is the norm in my sec­tor, but do­ing any­thing in real time with a time­line full of 4K clips brings a lot of com­put­ers to their knees. I was thrilled to get the chance to see how the iMac Pro copes with this.

Dur­ing the time I had the iMac Pro, I was us­ing Adobe Pre­miere Pro CC with RED Raw footage, Canon C200 Cine­maRawLite, and some lower tier Sony FS7 XAVC clips. Watch­ing 4K footage on the iMac Pro was a joy. The color space and con­trast show­cases footage beau­ti­fully, but I soon wished I had more than 27 inches of screen to mon­i­tor the clips and have space for scrub­bing through the time­line or us­ing other win­dows. There are Thun­der­bolt 3 ports for ex­tra dis­plays, though.

In­gest­ing footage was in­stan­ta­neous, and af­ter I added the 4K clips to a time­line, I was im­pressed there were no dropped frames in play­back. Adding mul­ti­ple live color grad­ing ad­just­ments dur­ing play­back and mak­ing amends to their set­tings didn’t af­fect the ex­pe­ri­ence ei­ther — even when play­ing them full screen. At one point, I had more than four lay­ers of ef­fects on a clip be­fore play­back started miss­ing frames, and even warp sta­bi­liza­tion — a re­source-in­ten­sive tool — took mo­ments and not the usual min­utes to pre­pare.

The iMac did start to strug­gle with 8K RED footage, and when ef­fects were added a pre­view ren­der was needed — but this was to be ex­pected.

Ex­port­ing was re­ally im­pres­sive. I queued up a web-friendly, one-minute video made up of ran­dom 4K clips to ex­port in H.264 for­mat, us­ing a res­o­lu­tion of 4096x2160 pix­els, two passes, and a tar­get bi­trate of 25Mbps. This ren­dered within three min­utes. That’s five times faster than my usual PC. The process was sur­pris­ingly quiet and, though cool­ing fans weren’t heard, the iMac Pro didn’t be­come no­tice­ably warmer. Amaz­ing.

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