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We work from a Win­dows 2012 server, con­nected to our Macs us­ing the SMB pro­to­col. Since up­grad­ing to macOS 10.13.2, our Macs freeze fre­quently when per­form­ing file and folder op­er­a­tions. When this hap­pens the only way out is to force a shut­down with the power but­ton. Is there any way around this?

This is a bug in macOS 10.13.2 that’s fixed in 10.13.3 (re­leased in late Jan­uary), so the so­lu­tion is to up­date. If you can’t, there are other tech­niques which should re­duce the fre­quency of freez­ing. Ap­ple sug­gests pre­vent­ing macOS from read­ing .DS_S­tore file on shares, forc­ing Fin­der to gather all meta­data first, or dis­abling di­rec­tory caching. These are de­tailed at­bre­lief1.

You can also try turn­ing off packet sign­ing, al­though that re­duces se­cu­rity so your net­work needs to be well-se­cured. That’s de­scribed at­bre­lief2. Some­times file shar­ing needs to be re­paired, as it did af­ter Se­cu­rity Up­date 2017-001, and that’s ex­plained at­bre­lief3.

Other op­tions you might try in­clude switch­ing from SMB to CIFS, al­though that nor­mally brings a sig­nif­i­cant per­for­mance penalty, or switch­ing from SMB3 to SMB2.

His­tor­i­cally, SMB has bro­ken at some stage dur­ing the life cy­cle of most ma­jor re­leases of macOS. You’ll prob­a­bly find it help­ful to test each macOS up­date or sub­stan­tial se­cu­rity patch on a sin­gle Mac be­fore up­grad­ing all your sys­tems, in case there are fur­ther prob­lems.

High Sierra now uses snap­shots on APFS to al­low you to re­vert a Mac to its pre-up­date state very sim­ply, which could save fur­ther prob­lems — see­naps for fur­ther in­for­ma­tion on how to do so.

Fine op­tions to con­trol SMB net­work­ing with Win­dows servers re­quire us­ing Ter­mi­nal; they aren’t ex­posed in Sys­tem Pref­er­ences.

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