How to Grade color and tone for a noc­tur­nal look

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Im­port as­sets

Use Go to File > Im­port Me­dia to im­port a clip and an op­tional doc of the moon; we cre­ated ours in Pho­to­shop by fill­ing an el­lip­ti­cal mar­quee se­lec­tion with the Ren­der > Clouds fil­ter, then us­ing Fil­ter > Dis­tort > Spher­ize.

Pre­view pre­sets

Drag the video clip onto the time­line and click it there to se­lect it. Above the Viewer, click the three over­lap­ping cir­cles icon, then click next to Clip Fil­ter. Put the pointer over Day into Night. It looks gloomy, click Can­cel.

In­crease con­trast

To man­u­ally grade the clip, click on the color correction icon (an artist’s pal­ette) above the Viewer. On the blue bar, drag the black con­trol left to cre­ate a stronger con­trast that sim­u­lates the harsh light of the moon.

Cool things down

Drag the mid­dle con­trol on the same slider to the left to drop the light lev­els. The slider to the right con­trols sat­u­ra­tion; drag it left for duller col­ors. Next along is the tem­per­a­ture slider; drag it left for a blue hue.

Add the moon

Drag the Pho­to­shop doc with your moon graphic into the time­line as a cut­away layer. It will sit on top of and run in par­al­lel with the video layer. By de­fault, the moon has a Ken Burns move­ment and is likely the wrong size.

Scale and po­si­tion

Click the Crop tool. Change the style from Ken Burns to Fit to re­move move­ment from the graphic. In the Video Overlay tool (two rec­tan­gles), switch from Cut­away to Pic­ture in Pic­ture. Scale and po­si­tion the moon.

Re­move tran­si­tion

By de­fault, the moon will fade in and then out due to a tran­si­tion. Set the du­ra­tion box to 0 sec­onds to keep the moon vis­i­ble. Make sure that the “no bor­der” icon is checked or the moon will have a frame around it.

Flat­ten the lay­ers

To add a Vignette fil­ter ef­fect to our lay­ered project we need to flat­ten it first. Choose File > Share > File. Name the file “Day to Night flat­tened,” for ex­am­ple, and set the qual­ity to “Best (ProRes).” Click Next, then Save.

Darken the edges

Re­move the items from the time­line, then go to File > Im­port Me­dia. Im­port the file you just cre­ated and drag it to the time­line. In the Clip Fil­ter tool, click Clip Fil­ter, then dou­ble-click Vignette to darken the movie’s edges.

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