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On your Mac, go to Ap­ple Menu > Sys­tem Prefs > iCloud. On the right, check Key­chain’s box. If you haven’t en­abled two-fac­tor au­then­ti­ca­tion to pro­tect your Ap­ple ID, then you’ll need to set a se­cu­rity code — don’t lose it!.

Con­nect a de­vice

On a Mac that’s signed in to your iCloud ac­count, tick the same Key­chain box. On iOS, look in Set­tings > [your name] > iCloud. You may be asked to en­ter the pass­words/codes for de­vices on which you’re al­ready us­ing key­chain.

Aut­oFill in Sa­fari

In Sa­fari, go to Sa­fari > Pref­er­ences and click the Aut­oFill tab. Here you can choose which in­for­ma­tion will au­to­mat­i­cally be filled out in forms. The first item pulls de­tails from your card in Con­tacts, rather than us­ing key­chain.

Add pass­words

The quick way to add user­names and pass­words to your key­chain is Sa­fari > Pref­er­ences > Pass­words, by en­ter­ing them man­u­ally — be care­ful when typ­ing! Click Add, en­ter a site ad­dress and your user­name and pass­word for it.

Save at sign in

In­stead of, or as well as, the pre­vi­ous step’s method, take ad­van­tage of Sa­fari’s of­fer to save de­tails when you first sign in to a site. Also, when cre­at­ing a pass­word for a new ac­count, Sa­fari sug­gests one; click it to ac­cept it.

Save at setup

Al­ter­na­tively, click the icon at the right of the field for an­other sug­ges­tion. Your cre­den­tials are saved to iCloud Key­chain and are avail­able on all de­vices you con­nect to it. Some sites — banks, say — can re­quest for de­tails not to be saved.

Edit key­chain

To change a pass­word on your Mac, fol­low the site’s re­set steps, then sign in; Sa­fari asks to up­date your key­chain. Or, pre­emp­tively click the pass­word in Sa­fari’s Pass­words pref­er­ences to edit it di­rectly.

View pass­words

When you visit the Pass­words tab on a Mac, you’ll need to en­ter your pass­word (or use Touch ID) to view items. Each is only read­able when its row is se­lected; make sure you don’t leave this tab open and un­locked for all to read!

Aut­oFill on iOS

If Set­tings > Sa­fari > Aut­oFill > Names and Pass­words is on and you visit a sign-in page, saved cre­den­tials for the site are shown as pic­tured; tap one to fill out the form, or tap Pass­words to choose from other saved ac­count de­tails.

Key­chain on iOS

In iOS 11, apps can use key­chain. If an app hasn’t been up­dated for this, go to Set­tings > Ac­counts & Pass­words > App & Web­site Pass­words, hold a fin­ger on an item, pick Copy User­name or Copy Pass­word, switch to the app, then paste.

Re­move pass­word

If you delete an ac­count, re­move its de­tails from your key­chain on one de­vice and they’ll go from oth­ers, too. On a Mac, se­lect it in Sa­fari’s Pass­words list and click Re­move. On iOS, swipe left on it in the pass­words list and tap Delete.

Add card de­tails

In Sa­fari > Aut­oFill, click Edit next to Credit Cards. Click Add and fill out the de­tails. For se­cu­rity rea­sons, CVV codes aren’t stored; they must be mem­o­rized. To edit a de­tail, click it; al­ter­ing the long card num­ber re­quires your pass­word.

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