How to Send di­rec­tions to your other de­vices

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Spec­ify your jour­ney

First, click Di­rec­tions, then tell Maps where you want to travel to and from. Cities and no­table lo­ca­tions aut­ofill as you type. Once you’ve se­lected your start point and des­ti­na­tion, Maps will show you how long the jour­ney will take.

Pick a route

Af­ter you’ve se­lected a route, click De­tails to see the full list of di­rec­tions. You can also re­verse the start­ing point and des­ti­na­tion to see de­tails for the re­turn jour­ney, or choose to go via a dif­fer­ent method (such as by foot).

Send to iOS or paper

Click the Share but­ton, then choose a de­vice to send di­rec­tions to. You can also send to Mail, Face­book, and more. Ex­port the map and di­rec­tions in a print­able for­mat, in case your bat­tery runs out, with File > Ex­port as PDF.

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