How to Re­place a photo’s back­ground

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Get­ting started

Hav­ing opened the im­age that needs its sky brightening up, you need to make a se­lec­tion. A se­lec­tion masks off any ar­eas of the im­age out­side its bor­ders, so any changes you make won’t af­fect them.

Make a se­lec­tion

Us­ing the Smart Se­lec­tion tool in the Se­lec­tions per­sona, brush over the sub­ject of your photo — the bit you want to keep. Use a smaller brush for the edges and make sure Snap to Edges is se­lected.

Pol­ish the se­lec­tion

Use Re­fine Se­lec­tion (at the bot­tom of the left tool­bar) to fit your se­lec­tion out­line tightly to the sub­ject’s edges. When done, tap the check mark in the tool’s op­tions, then the three dots (top left) and pick In­vert Se­lec­tion.

Pick a new im­age

Now your back­ground is se­lected, re­place it by switch­ing to the Photo per­sona, tap­ping the three dots again and choos­ing the Place com­mand. Your new im­age won’t ap­pear un­til you drag out a box for it with your fin­ger.

Ad­just lay­ers

The new sky im­age will go on a new layer on top of your orig­i­nal, so use the Lay­ers pal­ette to move it be­hind. It will dis­ap­pear, but se­lect the new top layer and use the three dots > Paste­board > Cut to make the old sky van­ish.

Tweak and share

With your sky re­placed, your sub­ject is still on a sep­a­rate layer, and can be moved and scaled. When you’re happy with the pic­ture, tap the icon of a doc­u­ment with three dots inside it (top left), then tap Ex­port and save the pic­ture.

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