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The editor re­flects on new ways of work­ing.

It’s too early to tell be­cause at the time of writ­ing this, our pre­vi­ous is­sue still isn’t on sale, but I’m look­ing for­ward to read­ing your views on

Mac|Life in our reader sur­vey (p6). But I al­most needn’t wait, as the con­tin­ued feed­back I re­ceive in our in­box has given me a pretty good in­sight ahead of the much-an­tic­i­pated results.

It’s in­ter­est­ing to note that a great deal of you are very out­spo­ken about the use of iPads for, shall we say, more prac­ti­cal pur­poses. It seems the ma­jor­ity of you are us­ing an iPad of some de­scrip­tion (usu­ally a Pro, I might add) along­side a MacBook. Many of you are im­pressed with what the iPad is ca­pa­ble of from a pro­duc­tiv­ity stand­point, but no­body has yet felt the need to ditch their MacBook al­to­gether be­cause it’s faster and eas­ier to use when it comes to “get­ting things done.”

There’s been a lot of talk re­cently about the pos­si­bil­ity of a new Ap­ple de­vice that bridges the gap be­tween iOS and MacOS — a hy­brid that is both por­ta­ble and pro­duc­tive. Per­son­ally, I didn’t like it when Mi­crosoft did a sim­i­lar thing in Win­dows 7. But whether you or I like it, or want it to hap­pen, mat­ters not, since Tim Cook re­cently stated, quite cat­e­gor­i­cally, that iOS and MacOS will never be aligned, for fear of wa­ter­ing down the Mac and iPad plat­forms. So, don’t hold your breath — no re­ally, don’t.

If you’re con­vinced that us­ing an iPad for work is the best idea ever, but you don’t want to pay for an iPad Pro, then take a look at our de­fin­i­tive re­view of the all-new iPad (p50). If the idea of us­ing an iPad for “grown-up” stuff makes you raise an eye­brow, then I’m guess­ing you’re prob­a­bly a Mac fan. If that’s the case, might I sug­gest head­ing over to our guide on how to save money on your next Mac pur­chase (p30). Whether you pre­fer to use an iPad or a Mac for your core du­ties, there’s one thing that unites us all: we want faster in­ter­net! This is­sue’s main fea­ture (p18) will show you how to make sure your home network is per­form­ing at its best, so you can make the most of which­ever plat­form you’re loyal to. Nick odantzis, Editor Twit­ter: @maclife

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