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The gear we’re lust­ing af­ter this month.

Philips Bril­liance 492P8 $TBC

>>> If you want the ul­ti­mate pro­duc­tiv­ity setup, Philips has you cov­ered here. This gi­ant dis­play has an ul­tra-ul­tra-wide de­sign, with a ra­tio of 32:9. That means it’s twice as wide as a stan­dard 16:9 widescreen mon­i­tor, and comes in at a colos­sal 49 inches, which means it reaches 5K res­o­lu­tion across (specif­i­cally, it’s 5120x1440). Get one of th­ese curved beau­ties on your desk for ef­fec­tively a dual-screen setup in a sin­gle neat pack­age, with con­nec­tions over Dis­playPort, HDMI, USB-C and HDMI. It’s due out later this year, and looks fan­tas­tic.

Ap­ple Space Gray Magic ac­ces­sories

ap­ From $99

The iMac Pro’s su­per-cool Space Gray fin­ish isn’t unique to that ma­chine (MacBooks al­ready came in it), but it was the first Mac to in­clude Space Gray ac­ces­sories. Ap­ple has now made them avail­able to buy sep­a­rately, so you can deck out a docked MacBook Pro with them, or just grab them be­cause they’re ex­tremely cool. The down­side is that they cost more than the sil­ver ver­sion for some rea­son: the Magic Key­board is $149, the Magic Track­pad 2 is $149, and the Magic Mouse 2 is $99 — all $20 more than the sil­ver ver­sion.

Audeze Mo­bius $399

Th­ese are the first wire­less head­phones to use pla­nar mag­netic driver tech­nol­ogy (which of­fers clearer and more con­trolled sound than the dy­namic driver tech al­most all other head­phones use), but they’re ad­vanced in lots of other ways too. Built-in audio pro­cess­ing cal­i­brates their sound for the shape of your head, and can cre­ate im­mer­sive 3D audio that em­u­lates the open space of a room, rather than the closed-in feel­ing of head­phones. They can be plugged in over USB-C too, as well as wire­less and 3.5mm jack sup­port.

Mo­ment Anamor­phic Lens shop­mo­ $150

>>> Take shoot­ing video on your iPhone to the next level by adding movie-style per­spec­tive. Anamor­phic lenses cap­ture a wide view, but with the tight fo­cus of a tele­photo lens. They’re key to the epic scale movies have, and let you grab dra­matic hor­i­zon­tal lens flare. The image cap­tured is so wide it ac­tu­ally needs cor­rect­ing, but Mo­ment’s app will do that live while you’re shoot­ing. It’s go­ing to mean lots more amaz­ing iPhone-based projects — Steven Soder­bergh shot his film Un­sane us­ing an iPhone 7 and Mo­ment lenses. This lens’ Kick­starter fin­ished suc­cess­fully, for a June re­lease date.

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