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$2.99 From Nice Boy, jaredsin­clair.com Made for iPhone, iPad Needs iOS 11 or later Sim­plic­ity is a laud­able goal in life. It speaks of fo­cus and clar­ity, and of not let­ting out­side clut­ter get in the way of what you’re try­ing to do.

‘Sodes is sim­ple, al­most min­i­mal­ist in its pur­suit of podcast pu­rity, de­scrib­ing itself as a “ca­sual, cozy way to lis­ten to the oc­ca­sional podcast.” There’s an over­all sim­i­lar­ity to Ap­ple Mu­sic thanks to the white back­ground and friendly but­tons, but ‘Sodes has its own aes­thetic that works well in fore­ground­ing the im­por­tant things — the pod­casts.

The app only sub­scribes to and streams pod­casts, there’s no down­load­ing ca­pa­bil­ity, so you need to be happy about it po­ten­tially burn­ing through your data al­lowance, or be al­ways aware of your near­est Wi-Fi hotspot. Search for a podcast by name or URL, add it to your fa­vorites and stream in­di­vid­ual episodes. It’s kept sim­ple, as are the con­trols, with just play, pause and skip in ei­ther direc­tion (15 sec­onds by de­fault, which can be changed in Set­tings). Those with 3D Touch (iPhone 6s or later) can press to re­set progress in an episode, or mark it as fin­ished.

Episodes you’ve lis­tened to van­ish from lists. New episodes of casts you’ve sub­scribed to are clearly marked as Un­played, while the In Progress sec­tion houses those you’re half­way through.

‘Sodes is a clean, in­tu­itive way of podcast man­age­ment. It’s just a shame about the lack of down­load­ing, even if it would add com­pli­ca­tion to the in­ter­face.

the bot­tom line. A well-made, sleek podcast streamer.

The in­ter­face is so friendly it might as well say ‘Don’t Panic’ when it opens.

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