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A pun­ish­ing old-school plat­former

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$1.99 From Cres­cent Moon Games, cres­cent­ Made for iPhone, iPad Needs iOS 8 or later First of all, apolo­gies for the dark im­ages: Reed’s dark, pix­e­lated aes­thetic is great in mo­tion and ter­ri­ble in screen­shots. Reed re­ally is as pix­e­lated as it looks, though, and that made it a tough play on the iPad Pro: what’s cute on an iPhone feels like too much of a close-up on a big screen.

This is a plat­former of the old-school, if you went to a par­tic­u­larly sadis­tic school. You play the epony­mous Reed, cre­ated by an an­cient su­per­com­puter to try and save the world by col­lect­ing cru­cial com­po­nents. To do that you need to face ever more com­plex puz­zles and ever more danger­ous traps armed with nothing but a dou­ble-jump.

It’s mur­der­ously fast and mur­der­ous in gen­eral: a mo­ment’s pause to de­cide on your next step usu­ally in­volves the ground you’re stand­ing on giv­ing way to a bunch of spikes. The left-right con­trols are per­haps a lit­tle too keen: we typ­i­cally found our­selves ei­ther not mov­ing fast enough be­cause of ter­ri­fied half-taps or ac­ci­den­tally send­ing Reed scoot­ing into the near­est death-trap be­cause we pressed for a mil­lisec­ond too long.

Con­trols aside, it’s per­fectly pitched: dif­fi­cult enough to re­quire mul­ti­ple goes at the same puz­zle, but not quite fist-gnaw­ingly frus­trat­ing enough for you to put your iPhone in peril of be­ing hurled across the room or train car­riage. It’s mad­den­ing, but in a “just one more go and THEN I’ll rage-quit,” kind of way.

the bot­tom line. Pitched just the right side of an­noy­ing, Reed’s a pun­ish­ing plat­former.

Col­lect­ing cubes should be easy, but there are lethal traps ev­ery­where.

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