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Free (IAPs) From Elec­tronic Arts, Made for iPhone, iPad Needs iOS 9 or later The Sims Mo­bile is not the first mo­bile Sims game. That honor went to The Sims FreePlay, a freemium game that came out seven years ago. The Sims Mo­bile is freemium as well, but in a much more en­joy­able way than its pre­de­ces­sor.

The Sims Mo­bile is a fo­cused ex­pe­ri­ence, do­ing away with com­plete free­dom of choice in favour of “sto­ries” — small chap­ters of life based on your ca­reer, re­la­tion­ship, and hob­bies, with re­wards for com­plet­ing each stage. Per­haps you’ll be a doctor, try­ing to fig­ure out the mys­te­ri­ous Llama Flu, or an as­pir­ing foodie learn­ing the cook­ing ropes. Each one is ac­com­pa­nied by charm­ingly quirky writ­ing, as well as unique and funny in­ter­ac­tions, and re­wards that range from money, to ex­pe­ri­ence points, to gain­ing new cloth­ing.

There are, like in any freemium game, mul­ti­ple cur­ren­cies, and it is with th­ese that you buy ev­ery­thing: clothes, fur­ni­ture, even new Sims. With­out pay­ing for a sin­gle piece of con­tent, you can slowly earn enough to buy that new oven you’ve had an eye on, and with care­ful, at­ten­tive play­ing (which can be achieved by turn­ing on push no­ti­fi­ca­tions) you can end up rak­ing in the Si­moleons in no time.

The Sims Mo­bile is in­cred­i­bly well–made, with custom an­i­ma­tions and ob­jects that are im­pres­sively de­tailed for such a small screen. Your Sim will heave a sigh when they fail, sweep their paramour off their feet, and stir a souf­fle mix with such panache that it’s hard not to see those lit­tle peo­ple on–screen as real life hu­mans that you can con­trol.

It’s a sim­pli­fied ver­sion of the PC game, for sure, but that’s not nec­es­sar­ily a bad thing — it’s well-suited to the mo­bile plat­form. the bot­tom line. Not the full Sims ex­pe­ri­ence, but a stream­lined pocket ver­sion.

Ev­ery­thing is done through “sto­ries,” which are com­pleted with daily tasks and hang­outs.

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