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Per­form­ing other peo­ple’s mu­sic is one of life’s joys whether you’re do­ing it to learn how to play an in­stru­ment, or singing I Will

Sur­vive in a karaoke bar. Work­ing out what other peo­ple are ac­tu­ally play­ing isn’t al­ways sim­ple, un­less you have Capo.

Capo an­a­lyzes your cho­sen mu­sic to work out how to play it and presents the ap­pro­pri­ate chord di­a­grams, and it gets the right chords most of the time. When it gets the odd one wrong, you can cor­rect it and store that cor­rec­tion along­side the other chord in­for­ma­tion.

There are lim­its to what Capo can han­dle. MP3s and other ma­jor audio file for­mats are fine but stream­ing isn’t, not least be­cause record­ing them is copy­right in­fringe­ment.

Capo worked flaw­lessly not just with clear acous­tic mu­sic but with filthy elec­tronic rock and lay­ered prog, even your own cre­ations. And once you’ve iden­ti­fied the chords you can mess around with them. You can loop sec­tions, and speed up or slow down the mu­sic to make it eas­ier to play along, and change the pitch if you wish.

Although Capo is mainly about learn­ing gui­tar chords, it isn’t ex­clu­sively so. The pitch chang­ing means you can work in the right keys for other in­stru­ments. You can even ex­tract in­stru­ment so­los or iso­late vo­cals, or mute the solo or vo­cal. You can also ex­tract audio and ex­port it as MIDI for use in GarageBand or other audio soft­ware.

There are two down­sides. First, the price: fifty bucks feels like a lot. Second, pre­vi­ous ver­sions have been known to crash. The lat­est ver­sion is sta­ble but it’s wise to try the trial ver­sion be­fore you com­mit your cash.

the bot­tom line. A use­ful app, even if it lacks stream­ing sup­port.

Capo’s abil­ity is al­most un­canny, de­tect­ing the key and in­di­vid­ual chords.

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