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We have sev­eral Ap­ple TVs and we stream 100% of ev­ery­thing that we watch. I think the price to rent movies or shows is way too high. I have a RedBox nearby that I have con­sid­ered spend­ing a cou­ple of bucks rent­ing stuff from in­stead, but the con­ve­nience of stream­ing wins ev­ery time. Buy­ing movies at $10.00 a piece doesn’t seem to sting so much, so I tend to buy movies in­stead of rent­ing them. With a cold snap that we re­cently had, I wanted to binge the whole

Death Wish se­ries with Charles Bron­son. The rental price per movie was $3.99 and the pur­chase price was $4.99. In that case, it is a no brainer. But, when it is $7.00 to rent and $20.00 to buy, that does make you have to think about it. My wife will rent some­thing half a dozen times — I am still try­ing to get her out of that ex­pen­sive habit! DAN MATNEY We ab­so­lutely agree — when you can buy some­thing, even if it’s not a ti­tle you’re sure you’ll watch again, why would you not spend a few ex­tra dol­lars to have it for­ever?

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