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Ac­cess­ing files from PCs (run­ning Linux or Win­dows) ought to be straight­for­ward, but some­times the con­nec­tion doesn’t work in one or both di­rec­tions. If you’re strug­gling to con­nect your Mac to the shared folder on a PC, open Sys­tem Pref­er­ences’ Network pane on your Mac, se­lect your con­nec­tion, click Ad­vanced > WINS, and se­lect your Win­dows PC’s work­group if nec­es­sary.

If your PC doesn’t show up in Fin­der un­der Shared, press Cmd+K to open the ‘Con­nect to Server’ di­a­log. Type smb://pc­name or

smb://192.168.x.y, sub­sti­tut­ing your PC’s name or IP ad­dress to see if you can con­nect to it man­u­ally. If asked for lo­gin de­tails, use those you use to sign in to the PC; if you’re us­ing a Mi­crosoft ac­count to do that, omit the @email.com part.

If it’s just one spe­cific PC you can’t con­nect to, check it’s shar­ing at least one folder, and whether other com­put­ers can con­nect to it.

If your Mac can­not con­nect to one PC but oth­ers work fine, the prob­lem lies with that spe­cific PC.

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