> Thun­der­bolt drive and High Sierra

If I up­grade to High Sierra, will my iMac still be com­pat­i­ble with my Prom­ise Pe­ga­sus R4 RA ID, which con­tains my back­ups?


Yes, pro­vided that you’re run­ning cur­rent ver­sions of the drive’s soft­ware, and that you up­date the drive’s firmware.

Be­fore up­grad­ing to High Sierra, visit the Prom­ise sup­port page at prom­ise.

com/Sup­port/down­load­cen­ter. Se­lect Legacy prod­ucts, then model de­tails. Down­load the Pe­ga­sus Se­ries Util­ity for Mac and the Pe­ga­sus Se­ries Driver for Mac, and in­stall them.

It’s worth in­stalling the driver, which is a ker­nel ex­ten­sion, be­fore up­grad­ing to High Sierra, since that ver­sion of the op­er­at­ing sys­tem han­dles third-party ex­ten­sions dif­fer­ently.

With the new Pe­ga­sus Util­ity in­stalled, you should be able to up­grade its firmware from within the app. If you have is­sues, down­load the firmware from the sup­port page and in­stall it us­ing the Firmware Up­date com­mand from the util­ity’s Ad­min menu, as de­tailed at bit.ly/firm­prompeg.

Once your RAID drive is up to date, pro­ceed with the High Sierra up­grade. When com­plete, it should be safe to leave Time Ma­chine back­ups on, pro­vided you don’t restart your iMac in Sierra. Do­ing so can wipe out the data­base Time Ma­chine uses to de­cide what to back up. If you have a Thun­der­bolt RAID ar­ray and you’re think­ing of up­grad­ing your op­er­at­ing sys­tem, visit the man­u­fac­turer’s web­site and down­load the lat­est sup­port soft­ware for your drive.

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