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I re­cently added Ap­ple’s free iOS user guides for iPhone and iPad to the iBooks col­lec­tion on my Mac. When I try to open ei­ther, I’m told that a dif­fer­ent Ap­ple ID was used to buy them, which isn’t the case, and they work fine on my iPhone. How can I read them on my Mac? Restart your Mac, and open the iCloud pane. Sign out, wait a few sec­onds and then sign in again. Also try re­mov­ing the books from your Mac and then re­down­load­ing them.

If those don’t help, open Set­tings on your iPhone. At the top of the first page, tap your name. You’ll see all your cur­rent Macs and iOS de­vices listed. Tap your Mac there and check its de­tails — in par­tic­u­lar that it’s a trusted de­vice.

If that looks fine, shut down your Mac, wait 20 sec­onds, and start it up in safe mode (see bit.ly/mac­safemd). That clears a lot of caches and could help elim­i­nate any mis­un­der­stand­ings over your ac­count and the Mac’s au­tho­riza­tions. Then restart your Mac nor­mally and try again.

If this prob­lem only oc­curred af­ter a macOS sys­tem up­date was in­stalled, that could be the cause. In this case, you need to down­load the lat­est Combo up­dater for your cur­rent ver­sion of macOS (go to

sup­port.ap­ple.com and search for “combo up­date” and your in­stalled ver­sion num­ber) and in­stall that, as it can some­times fix such strange prob­lems.

Another trick is to re­pair your home folder’s per­mis­sions — see bit.ly/

rep­perms. At the end of all that, if you have no joy, call Ap­ple sup­port, as only it can fix prob­lems that might lie server-side with the store.

iBooks should open books down­loaded by your Ap­ple ID, if that Mac is signed in to the cor­rect ac­count and trusted.

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