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Our advice may re­fer to the fol­low­ing fea­tures; check out the sup­port ar­ti­cles linked be­low for full in­struc­tions.


macOS Re­cove ry The Re­cov­ery sys­tem con­tains tools to help you look up info on­line when macOS won’t start, and to re­pair or re­in­stall the sys­tem. Learn more at­re­cov­ery Safe mode When you start your Mac in Safe mode, macOS per­forms ex­tra checks and stops cer­tain third­party soft­ware from run­ning. See how to use it at­safemode Re­set SMC &NVRAM Th­ese fea­tures han­dle low-level func­tions and store key set­tings for your Mac, re­spec­tively. Re­set­ting them can fix var­i­ous is­sues de­scribed at­re­setsmc and­re­set­nvram Hardw are is­sues Your Mac in­cludes tools that check for cer­tain hard­ware is­sues with­out go­ing to a Ge­nius Bar. ForMacs in­tro­duced in June 2013 or later, see­diag, oth­er­wise see

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