How to En­hance your track­pad’s be­hav­iors


Pick a ges­ture

First de­fine a ges­ture to take a screen­shot — which you can’t do in Sys­tem Pref­er­ences’ Track­pad pane. Click Add New Ges­ture. In the pop-up, pick TipTap Right from the Three Fin­ger Ges­tures cat­e­gory.

Choose an ac­tion

From the Pre­de­fined Ac­tion pop-up, un­der Screen­shots, pick Cap­ture Screen­shot (Con­fig­urable). Click Cap­ture Whole Screen(s), and if you wish, tidy the file name and ad­just its save des­ti­na­tion.

TipTap screen­shots

Click Save to con­firm. Now you can try out your ges­ture. Rest two fin­gers on the track­pad and then tap with a third to their right. A screen­shot should be saved to the lo­ca­tion you spec­i­fied dur­ing step 2.

Move a win­dow

We’ll now cre­ate a ges­ture to snap a win­dow to half the screen. Use 5 Fin­ger Swipe Right (find it in Five And More Fin­ger Ges­tures); set the ac­tion to Max­i­mize Win­dow Right from the Win­dows Resize & Move group.

Du­pli­cate a rule

Se­lect step 4’s ges­ture. Copy (Cmd+C) and paste it (Cmd+V). You can now se­lect/edit the du­pli­cate. Be­low the Touch­pad Ges­ture pop-up, check Cmd. In the Pre­de­fined Ac­tion pop-up, pick Resize win­dow to Right Third.

Test your ges­tures

Open a Fin­der win­dow. Per­form a five-fin­ger right­wards swipe and the win­dow will resize to fill the right half of the screen — or the right third if Cmd is held. Think about ways to ex­pand on th­ese short­cuts to suit how you work.

Switch apps

Use a ges­ture to bring up macOS’ app switcher solely us­ing your track­pad. Set up a ges­ture that uses 3 Fin­ger Dou­ble Tap to in­voke the Ap­pli­ca­tion Switcher ac­tion (from the OS X Func­tion­al­ity cat­e­gory).

Use cor­ner clicks

You can use Hot Cor­ners to ac­ti­vate your screen­saver, but it’s quicker to click your track­pad. To set this up, in a new ges­ture, se­lect Cor­ner Click Bot­tom Left from the Sin­gle Fin­ger Ges­tures cat­e­gory.

Avoid ac­ci­dents

In the OS X Func­tion­al­ity group, pick Start Screen Saver. To avoid trig­ger­ing in er­ror, check one of the mod­i­fier key boxes, such as Cmd. If you have a Force Touch track­pad, you could con­sider a Force Click ges­ture.

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