How to Use two-fac­tor au­then­ti­ca­tion

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On a Mac (no 2SV)

Go to the iCloud pane in Sys­tem Pref­er­ences. Click Ac­count De­tails, then click Turn on Two-Fac­tor Au­then­ti­ca­tion. If you cre­ated your Ap­ple ID in iOS 10.3 or macOS 10.12.4 or later, this fea­ture will al­ready be on.

On a Mac (with 2SV)

In Safari, go to ap­pleid.ap­ and sign in. Click Edit in the Se­cu­rity sec­tion and click Turn off Two-Step ver­i­fi­ca­tion. Cre­ate new se­cu­rity ques­tions and type in your date of birth. Now fol­low step 1 to turn on 2FA.

On iOS 10.3 or later

In Set­tings, tap your name at the top of the first page, then Pass­word & Se­cu­rity. Tap Turn on Two-Fac­tor Au­then­ti­ca­tion and then Con­tinue. Two-fac­tor au­then­ti­ca­tion will now be turned on for your iCloud ac­count and sup­ported de­vices.

On iOS 10.2 or ear­lier

In Set­tings > iCloud, tap your Ap­ple ID fol­lowed by Pass­word & Se­cu­rity. Tap turn on Two-Fac­tor Au­then­ti­ca­tion fol­lowed by Con­tinue. You may be asked to an­swer your Ap­ple ID se­cu­rity ques­tions to pro­ceed fur­ther with this.

Add your cell num­ber

On the next page, choose your coun­try then type in the num­ber of the cell you want to use. Choose ei­ther text mes­sage or phone call to re­ceive the ver­i­fi­ca­tion code. When you get the code, type it into the boxes on screen.

Up­date your num­ber

In Pass­word & Se­cu­rity set­tings, tap Edit. Tap the mi­nus to re­move a num­ber, or Add a Trusted Phone Num­ber to add one. Ver­ify us­ing text mes­sage or an au­to­mated phone call, then en­ter the code you re­ceive.

Man­age trusted de­vices

Sign in to ap­pleid.ap­; en­ter the ver­i­fi­ca­tion code when you re­ceive it. Scroll to your de­vices. To re­move one, click on it, then Re­move, then Con­firm. New de­vices are added here when you sign in to iCloud on them.

App-spe­cific pass­words

App-spe­cific pass­words al­low third­party apps to ac­cess your iCloud data. Next to Se­cu­rity at ap­pleid.ap­, click Gen­er­ate Pass­word. Fol­low the steps and type the re­sult in place of your usual pass­word in the app.

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