How to Com­bine dif­fer­ent res­o­lu­tions

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Choose a res­o­lu­tion

On your iOS de­vice, go to Set­tings > Cam­era > Record Video. The de­fault 1080p HD at 30fps bal­ances high-qual­ity footage with­out fill­ing up your cell. 1080p HD at 60fps cre­ates larger files, but with smoother-look­ing mo­tion.

Com­pose your clip

Use a tri­pod, such as the Man­frotto Pixi mini with a phone clamp (pic­tured). As well as pro­duc­ing sta­ble footage, a tri­pod will help you check how the image is com­posed. This can lead to more pro­fes­sional-look­ing clips.

Cap­ture some clips

Feel free to change the res­o­lu­tion when cap­tur­ing dif­fer­ent sub­jects. A 4K size will suit wide shots, as you can zoom into spe­cific sub­jects while pre­serv­ing qual­ity. Drop to 720p HD if you run short of stor­age space.

Slow mo­tion set­tings

To cap­ture mov­ing sub­jects — for ex­am­ple, bil­low­ing steam — in a cre­ative way, go to Set­tings > Cam­era > Record Slo-mo. 720p HD at 240fps will cap­ture a very smooth and slow ver­sion of any fast-mov­ing sub­ject.

Im­port clips

In iMovie on your Mac, click iMovie Li­brary; choose File > New Event and name the event. Con­nect your iPhone to your Mac us­ing its USB cable. Go to File > Im­port Me­dia, browse to your iPhone, then choose Im­port All.

Cre­ate a new movie

The clips will be im­ported from the iPhone. Slo-mo clips are in­di­cated by a cir­cu­lar icon (at the top left of their thumb­nails). Click Projects (top left), then Cre­ate New and choose Movie. A new time­line will ap­pear.

Set project size

The clips in your event will be of var­i­ous res­o­lu­tions. Drag a 1080p HD video from the Me­dia Browser into the time­line. Af­ter­wards, click Set­tings (un­der the Viewer) to con­firm the project is 1080p — see Ge­nius Tip, top right.

Add clips

Clips you add to the time­line will be scaled to 1080p. 720p slo-mo clips might look a lit­tle soft due to them be­ing up­scaled to 1080p. 4K clips will look sharp, even if you zoom into them man­u­ally or ap­ply the Ken Burns ef­fect.

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