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The first ques­tion any iOS Notes app must an­swer is: does it of­fer enough be­yond the fea­tures in Ap­ple’s own Notes app?

That hur­dle got much higher when the Notes app was over­hauled in iOS 11. Jot­tit does of­fer sev­eral fea­tures that are not seen in Notes. It uses the notebook and shelf metaphor that has popped up in apps like Noteshelf and Pa­per. Like Pa­per, you can change the color of notebook cov­ers and, in the Pro ver­sion, add your own im­ages as cov­ers. Shelves are used to house note­books but can also hold draw­ings, text pages, and lists of tasks. Note­books them­selves can ac­com­mo­date three dif­fer­ent types of page: text, bul­leted list, and draw­ing. How­ever, you can’t com­bine, say, text and draw­ing on the same page, which seems like a very odd omis­sion.

You can for­mat text us­ing a ‘lite’ ver­sion of Mark­down, as well as choose from seven fonts, three font sizes, and four pa­per col­ors. And that’s pretty much it for the free ver­sion. Ad­di­tional fea­tures such as a task man­ager, book­marks, the abil­ity to add pho­tos to sketches, and ex­port­ing notes are all ex­clu­sive to the Pro ver­sion.

There are, sadly, a num­ber of prob­lems with Jot­tit. The note­books and shelves anal­ogy doesn’t re­ally work. Shelves are, ef­fec­tively, fold­ers that look rec­tan­gu­lar on the Projects page that oth­er­wise don’t re­sem­ble or func­tion like a shelf at all. Note­books lose any re­sem­blance to an ac­tual notebook un­like, say, Pa­per where you can flick through pages. Swip­ing across the screen in a Jot­tit notebook does noth­ing. There are other in­ter­face prob­lems too: Tap ‘+’ on the Projects screen and tap ‘notebook’ to add a new notebook and it’s im­pos­si­ble to back out or can­cel — you must cre­ate and save a new notebook. On a draw­ing page, there are three tools avail­able (paint brush, pen­cil, and eraser) but there’s no in­di­ca­tion of which is in use or whether tap­ping one to choose it has been suc­cess­ful. And while Mark­down is fine for for­mat­ting text, the for­mat­ting tools in the iOS Notes app are much eas­ier to use for most peo­ple.

There are so many bet­ter note app op­tions avail­able for iOS, even if you’re strongly wed­ded to the notes and shelves metaphor.

the bot­tom line. If you want to use one app for notes, sketches and to–do lists, Jot­tit is okay, but there are bet­ter op­tions.

Jot­tit to–do lists make good use of color to show which tasks have yet to be com­pleted.

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