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None of this should mat­ter, of course, if you’re un­lucky enough to have bought a de­fec­tive prod­uct. On top of the usual war­ranties, Ap­ple is of­fer­ing free re­pairs for faulty 13–inch Mac­Book Pro units with­out Touch Bar sold be­tween June 2017 and June 2018. The 128GB and 256GB SSD drives in these are at risk of fail­ure, re­sult­ing in loss of data.

If you think your Mac­Book Pro is af­fected by this is­sue, you can sub­mit your de­vice’s se­rial num­ber on a ded­i­cated web page at

mfmbpssd. If your de­vice is el­i­gi­ble, you can take it to an Ap­ple Store or Ap­ple Au­tho­rized Ser­vice Provider, or mail it to Ap­ple (Ap­ple says you should back up your drive first). If you have al­ready paid for a re­pair, you can claim a re­fund.

Ap­ple is also of­fer­ing a free re­pair for faulty iPhone X screens. Ap­ple says ar­eas of the iPhone X dis­play can be­come un­re­spon­sive to touch in­puts, or can reg­is­ter in­puts where there were none. The prob­lem lies in a dis­play mod­ule com­po­nent that can fail. Again, go to an Ap­ple Store or Au­tho­rized Ser­vice Provider, or mail your iPhone to Ap­ple. In­ter­est­ingly, Ap­ple is not ask­ing for a se­rial num­ber check on this, sug­gest­ing that the fault could po­ten­tially af­fect any iPhone X.

Fi­nally, Ap­ple is re­port­edly plan­ning to ex­tend its re­pair ser­vices to “vin­tage” de­vices as old as iPhone 4S and the 2012 Mac­Book Pro. Ap­ple pre­vi­ously of­fered re­pairs for just five to seven years, but the Re­pair Vin­tage Ap­ple Prod­ucts Pi­lot pro­gram could ex­tend the life­times of oth­er­wise use­able prod­ucts that hap­pen to de­velop a re­pairable fault.

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