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Ap­ple prod­ucts are life chang­ing. I buy Ap­ple prod­ucts be­cause I need them but also be­cause I love them. Other brands can make sim­i­lar de­vices to Ap­ple but there is some­thing spe­cial about the way Ap­ple does its thing; you don’t need in­struc­tions, it is in­tu­itive. Ev­ery year the prod­ucts are that bit bet­ter, so of course you want them. I re­sisted buy­ing the Ap­ple Watch when it came out, since I al­ready had a nice gold Cartier that I loved, but then Ap­ple came up with the Hèrmes watch and I had to have one. Then I up­graded it to the wa­ter­proof model, and now I have just bought the Ap­ple Watch Se­ries 4, which should be here soon. As you can tell, I love Ap­ple prod­ucts and I can­not live with­out them. My grand­chil­dren in­herit old stuff when I up­grade, which I think is a good deal. Ce­cilia Schultz That’s the thing with Ap­ple tech. While its prod­ucts might not be vastly su­pe­rior to the com­pe­ti­tion, no­body can match that Ap­ple ex­pe­ri­ence. Our best anal­ogy is the dif­fer­ence be­tween buy­ing a Mercedes ver­sus buy­ing a Ford. They both do the same thing, but you en­joy the jour­ney in the Mercedes that much more.

Dou­ble stan­dards

I’m a tech en­thu­si­ast who re­ally en­joys my Ap­ple de­vices, but I’m start­ing to get an­noyed with some of the Ap­ple bash­ing com­ments I keep see­ing. Yes, Ap­ple has moved to USB–C. Yes, it’s re­moved the head­phone jack. Yes, it’s moved to FaceID, and yes, prices have gone up. But the thing is, the com­pe­ti­tion has more or less fol­lowed the trend, yet Ap­ple is the one that seems to al­ways get blasted. When the com­pe­ti­tion does some­thing sim­i­lar the world goes silent, which leads me to be­lieve there re­ally is an ‘Ap­ple hate cult’. Hon­estly, it gets kind of old. Steve Philpot We’re with you on this one — to a point. Sure, we’re not fans of Ap­ple bash­ing ei­ther, and yes there are a lot of man­u­fac­tur­ers out there that im­i­tate Ap­ple (thank­fully not as well, we think), so in the­ory you could blame ev­ery­one when some­thing changes in a way that the pub­lic don’t like, whether it’s the de­sign of its prod­ucts or the con­stantly in­flat­ing prices. But the thing is, peo­ple will nat­u­rally point the fin­ger at the one paving the way, and ul­ti­mately Ap­ple is re­spon­si­ble for its de­ci­sions — good or bad. Per­son­ally, we still lament the loss of the head­phone jack ev­ery day.

Big­ger isn’t bet­ter

I agree com­pletely with Matt Bolton (ML #149). Quite a few peo­ple, not just women, have no use for a large screen and awk­ward–sized phone. I’m glad I moved fast when the SE model was brought out as I have no room when work­ing for any­thing big­ger. If Ap­ple pro­ceeds to pro­duce only the big screen phones I will not up­date — and may even give up smart­phones if this one packs up. That would be a shame, as map apps are very use­ful, but size and weight are vi­tal when car­ry­ing a loaded ruck­sack all day. I can’t see logic in the di­rec­tion Ap­ple is go­ing; I think it’s due to desk–based de­sign­ers who don’t un­der­stand their full mar­ket. Mike Dur­rans We’re pleased Matt’s col­umn struck a chord. The iPhone size each of us picks is a per­sonal de­ci­sion, of­ten about more than just hand size. It can seem strange to hear Ap­ple talk­ing about how per­sonal de­vices like iPhone and Watch are, yet mak­ing de­ci­sions like killing off the (rel­a­tively) com­pact iPhone SE and alien­at­ing some cus­tomers. It’s a shame there’s noth­ing com­pa­ra­ble to the SE in Ap­ple’s cur­rent line– up. Some peo­ple didn’t like even the rel­a­tively mod­est ver­ti­cal size in­crease in­tro­duced on the iPhone 5 back in 2012. Even that form, shared by the 5S and SE, lacked univer­sal ap­peal. Nav­i­ga­tional ges­tures on the lat­est iPhones help only so far. Right now, we can but hope Ap­ple rein­tro­duces a smaller op­tion very soon.

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