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11 > What­sApp Desk­top what­

Best known as a mo­bile mes­sag­ing tool, this na­tive macOS app al­lows you to use What­sApp on your Mac. It works just the same as on mo­bile but, if you’re hav­ing a long de­tailed con­ver­sa­tion, you can type on your Mac, not your phone.

12 > Cy­berDuck cy­

Most of us rarely need to ac­cess an FTP server, so pay­ing for a tool to do it makes lit­tle sense. Cy­berDuck al­lows you to copy files to/from FTP and SFTP servers, Ama­zon S3 stor­age, We­bDAV servers and cloud ser­vices — all for free. You can also sync files be­tween servers.


SuperDuper started out as a way to clone your Mac’s hard drive, but it has since evolved into way more than that. You can con­fig­ure clones so they are bootable — act­ing as an emer­gency backup if the worst hap­pens and your Mac breaks com­pletely. The clone can be stored on any vol­ume, par­ti­tion, or disk im­age — though if you want to use it as a safety net, it’s best to back it up to an ex­ter­nal hard drive that’s un­plugged and stored safely. You can even clone Time Ma­chine vol­umes.

You can cre­ate as many clones as you like as of­ten as you like with­out pay­ing a cent. How­ever, if you pay $27.95, you can un­lock the Smart Up­date fea­ture that in­cre­men­tally up­dates clones, and sched­ule cloning op­er­a­tions. The paid–for ver­sion is also script­able.

14 > The Unar­chiver the­unar­

The Unar­chiver ad­mit­tedly only does one thing, but it does it well. While the Mac’s built–in Ar­chive Util­ity stum­bles over all but the most com­mon for­mats, The Unar­chiver will open RAR archives, Tar, Gzip, and even ex­tremely old for­mats like StuffIt and Disk Dou­bler.

15 > TinkerTool 7

Deep in macOS, there’s an ar­ray of ‘hid­den’ set­tings that would nor­mally re­quire a trip to Ter­mi­nal to change. TinkerTool al­lows you to make changes more eas­ily. Want to change the de­fault lo­ca­tion or nam­ing con­ven­tion for screen grabs? TinkerTool can do it.

Dash­lane 16 dash­

Pass­word man­agers are pretty much an es­sen­tial tool for any­one who spends much time on­line and wants to use se­cure pass­words. The free ver­sion of Dash­lane al­lows you to store, and au­to­mat­i­cally fill, up to 50 pass­words. You can also store other sen­si­tive in­for­ma­tion like credit card de­tails, pay­ment in­for­ma­tion, and se­cure notes. Your data is se­cured us­ing AES 256–bit en­cryp­tion. Dash­lane also has a dash­board that dis­plays in­for­ma­tion on the ‘health’ of your pass­words. Fea­tures like sync­ing across de­vices, a built–in VPN, and Dark Web Mon­i­tor­ing are avail­able with a sub­scrip­tion, but the free ver­sion is ex­cel­lent.

17 > Copy­Clip fi­

Copy­Clip sits in your menu bar and stores ev­ery­thing you have cut or copied. Un­like the Mac’s built–in clipboard, which only re­tains one item, you can view, search, and use mul­ti­ple items. You can even pin items to the top for quick and easy ac­cess.

18 > Franz meet­

Trou­ble keep­ing up with friends and col­leagues us­ing dif­fer­ent mes­sag­ing plat­forms? Try Franz. It’s a mes­sag­ing client that al­lows you to con­nect and chat on mul­ti­ple plat­forms like Face­book Mes­sen­ger, What­sApp, Skype, and sev­eral more.

19 > Hid­denMe

Mo­jave’s Stacks can help solve desk­top clut­ter, but most of us still have files ly­ing around. Hid­denMe al­lows you to hide them at the tap of a but­ton, saving you from ac­ci­den­tally show­ing that re­ceipt when you show a friend some­thing on the Mac.

Spark 20 read­

Spark is an email client de­signed for col­lab­o­rat­ing with teammates. You can work to­gether on mes­sage drafts, share mes­sages via a URL, and chat in­side the app. It’s smart enough to tell the dif­fer­ence be­tween pro­mo­tional emails and reg­u­lar mes­sages and give the lat­ter more promi­nence. You can snooze mes­sages, and a quick–re­ply fea­ture al­lows you to re­spond with an emoji. Built–in wid­gets al­low you to see re­cently opened emails, cal­en­dars, and re­minders. It’s the ideal email client for col­lab­o­ra­tive work­ing.


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