> Is it pos­si­ble to re­cover snip­pets that I’ve ac­ci­den­tally deleted in Notes?

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I deleted im­por­tant text from one of my notes, but didn’t no­tice un­til I had closed the app, so couldn’t use the Undo com­mand. Where can I find an ear­lier ver­sion or backup? Un­like many of Ap­ple’s pro­duc­tiv­ity apps, Notes doesn’t save your work in doc­u­ment files, but in­side its own data­base. This means that you can’t step back to a pre­vi­ous ver­sion of a note by brows­ing all ver­sions with the File > Re­vert To fea­ture. In doc­u­ment–based apps, that’s the easy way to re­cover ma­te­rial you’ve ac­ci­den­tally deleted.

Calendar and some other apps en­able you to browse pre­vi­ous ver­sions of their data­bases and se­lec­tively re­store info by en­ter­ing Time Ma­chine while they are the fore­ground app. Sadly, this isn’t pos­si­ble in Notes. Also, the app’s Re­cently Deleted folder is only use­ful for wholly scrapped items.

You’re left with a fid­dlier op­tion: roll back Notes’ whole data­base tem­po­rar­ily. If Notes syncs with a cloud ser­vice, go off­line. Next, get Time Ma­chine to make a backup. When that’s com­plete, en­ter Time Ma­chine, go to the time the de­sired con­tent was present, then re­store the con­tents of /Users/[your ac­count]/Li­brary/Group Con­tain­ers/group. com.ap­ple.Notes.

Open Notes, ex­port the con­tent you need to re­cover, quit the app, then re­open Time Ma­chine, re­store the backup of the folder that you made mo­ments ago to re­cover the most up–to–date ver­sion of the app’s data­base, then add the ex­ported con­tent back to your note.

Wholly deleted notes are fairly easy to get back us­ing the Re­cently Deleted folder, but small por­tions can be a lit­tle bit trick­ier to re­store.

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