How to Man­age HomeKit ac­ces­sories

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Add ac­ces­sories

Us­ing your iOS de­vice, open the Home app, go to the Home or Rooms tab, tap the + (top right) and add your new HomeKit–com­pat­i­ble ac­ces­sories to your setup. This can’t be done us­ing the macOS ver­sion of the app.

Tweak con­trols

Some ac­ces­sories of­fer more than two states. Many smart lights, for ex­am­ple, en­able you to ad­just their bright­ness level by drag­ging a slider. To see what’s avail­able, Ctrl–click an ac­ces­sory’s tile and pick Show Con­trols.

Room by room

If your ac­ces­sories are in more than one room, go to one’s set­tings, click Room and as­sign a room from the list or click Cre­ate New. Use the house but­ton (top left) to switch rooms, and Edit > Edit Rooms to set the wall­pa­per.

Sign in

If you haven’t al­ready signed in to iCloud on macOS, go to Sys­tem Pref­er­ences > iCloud and do so us­ing the same ac­count as on your iOS de­vice. At the bot­tom of the list, en­sure sync­ing for the Home app is turned on.

Go deeper

Many HomeKit ac­ces­sories of­fer ad­vanced con­trols — look for but­tons at the bot­tom of their ba­sic con­trol panel. Here, our light lets us tweak color and tem­per­a­ture. Click the ar­row (top left) or an empty area to re­turn.

Set a scene

Click the + (top right) and pick Add Scene. This al­lows you to de­fine set­tings you want to apply to some or all ac­ces­sories at once. Scenes are turned on with but­tons at the top of each room they af­fect.

Open Home

If the Home app isn’t in the Dock, open it us­ing Spot­light or from the Ap­pli­ca­tions folder. When your Mac has synced your Home setup, you’ll see your ac­ces­sories; click one of the tiles to tog­gle its on or off state.

Deeper still

With an ac­ces­sory’s con­trols open, click Set­tings (top right). Or, Ctrl–click it in the Home/Rooms tab and choose Set­tings. Here add the ac­ces­sory to your fa­vorites or group it with oth­ers to con­trol them as one.

Get no­ti­fi­ca­tions

Go to Edit > Edit Home. You can set a wall­pa­per for the Home tab here too. Un­der No­ti­fi­ca­tions, set which ac­ces­sories send no­ti­fi­ca­tions to your de­vices, and un­der what cir­cum­stances — when no­body’s home, for ex­am­ple.

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