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Move in

To put a file into a folder, drag it onto the folder’s icon. To drag mul­ti­ple files, hold a fin­ger on one, start to drag it, then tap oth­ers. To move a file out of a folder, drag it onto its par­ent folder’s name and wait for that to open.

Tags and Fa­vorites

Tap a tag in the side­bar to see all items to which it’s ap­plied. Fa­vorites in the side­bar are fold­ers you’ll want to re­visit. You can add an item to that group by choos­ing Fa­vorite in the op­tions bar, or by drag­ging it there.

Ex­tract archives

Tap a Zip ar­chive and you can then tap Pre­view Con­tent to see what’s in­side, and pre­view files if iOS can han­dle them. While pre­view­ing a file, tap Share and choose Save to Files to un­zip that file to your cho­sen lo­ca­tion.

Move out

Files’ side­bar doesn’t al­low you to drag be­tween lo­ca­tions, but you can move a file be­tween them: long–press it, tap Move and pick a lo­ca­tion. To move, copy or share sev­eral files, tap Se­lect, tap the files, then a com­mand.

Add other ser­vices

To add a cloud ser­vice such as Google Drive to Files, in­stall its app on your de­vice. The next time you open Files, tap More Lo­ca­tions in the side­bar and turn on the ser­vice’s switch to pin it un­der the Lo­ca­tions head­ing.

Im­prove archiv­ing

There’s no built–in way to un­zip a whole ar­chive, but you can build one in Short­cuts. Add the Ex­tract Ar­chive and Save File com­mands. In the short­cut’s set­tings, turn on ‘Show in Share Sheet’ and set it to ac­cept files.

As­sign a tag

To move or share files from sev­eral lo­ca­tions, use tags. Drag files and fold­ers onto a tag in the side­bar; they are then marked with the tag’s color. Or, long press one and tap Tag; this method lets you cre­ate new tags.

Browse ser­vices

From now on, tap the ser­vice name to browse that stor­age. If you haven’t logged in to the ser­vice in its app, the Files app will show a pop–up or switch you to the app for you to log in be­fore it can show your files.

Net­work shares

FileBrowser ($5.99) lets you browse fold­ers shared on your net­work within Files. In it, tap + and con­nect to a folder. In Files, tap More Lo­ca­tions, turn on FileBrowser, tap Done, then tap FileBrowser. Fol­low the setup steps.

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