New uses for your Apple gear

Got some old Apple devices lying around gathering dust? Don’t just throw them away! These creative ideas will breathe new life into them


Do you have lots of old Apple devices lying around just gathering dust? Don’t throw them in the trash! These creative ideas will breathe new life into them.

THE MORE TECHNOLOGY we accrue, the more obsolete devices we end up with filling our drawers and cupboards. Those ancient iPhones and iPads we keep despite them being well past their sell–by date? They may come in handy one day, we reason. That old MacBook in the corner that never gets used? It just needs a new battery and it will be right as rain, we convince ourselves. We know these stories are not true — and all the while the devices go on collecting dust and losing value.

But just because a device is old, doesn’t mean it’s useless. There are many ways your old Apple stuff can be repurposed, from safeguardi­ng your valuables as a home security camera to keeping you entertaine­d as a dedicated eBook reader or games machine. Many of the uses for old devices require only moderate power and performanc­e, making them ideal tasks for your geriatric gear that is otherwise past its prime.

Reusing devices that have become obsolete is also a good way to save money. Instead of shelling out tens or even hundreds of dollars on new equipment, you can often achieve the same result with a few minor tweaks to your existing gear. At the same time, it means fewer items being sent to landfill, so it’s good for the environmen­t too.

Over the next few pages, we will show you the best ways you can give your old devices a new lease of life. Each method is easy and requires no tools, no fiddling, and no hassle. Just a few quick tweaks here and app downloads there, and you will be ready to go.

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