Mackay and Whitsundays Wedding Guide


Help guests choose the perfect gift by specifying your needs


GUESTS want to pass on their best wishes to the bride and groom and usually do that in the form of a gift but how do you make sure that gift is something you need or don’t already have?

That is where gift registries come in. Gift registries allow couples to list what they want and need.

There are many registry services available through department stores, services such as Amazonwish List and more.


Outdoor equipment: Australian­s love spending time outside. Portable grilling equipment and barbecues are some of the most popular gifts at the moment. Retro appliances: Everyone likes having appliances that are pleasing to look at. Retro appliances can make a great gift. Food and wine: From wine subscripti­ons to ways to serve cheese, anything food and wine-related is easy and always a win. Experience­s: This could include activities or sports the couple wouldn’t usually take part in. Experience­s could include a spa day, race car driving, hot air balloon ride or cooking class. Wishing well: Often people might prefer a gift of money to help with the cost of a honeymoon or house deposit. Have a wishing well set up in the reception area where people can place in cards and cash. Including a short poem about why you are having a wishing well can be a good way to get people to donate. You can find heaps by Googling wedding wishing well poems. Charitable donations: Sometimes people have everything they need and want to make a difference in the world. Create a list of charities you support and ask your guests to donate to them instead of giving you a gift.

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