Mackay and Whitsundays Wedding Guide


Help your friends have an amazing day


SOYOU’VE been asked to be a part of the wedding party, you’ve accepted and now the real work begins. From organising hen’s and buck’s parties to looking after the favours, there is a lot bridesmaid­s and groomsmen need to do. Here are some tips to stay calm in this role helping your friend prepare for their big day:

Start planning immediatel­y: Think about your own personal budget. What are you able to afford? When having discussion­s with other bridesmaid­s/ groomsmen and the bride/groom make sure they know these limits.

Be a team player: There is a team of other bridesmaid­s and groomsmen working to make this the most perfect wedding day and celebratio­n for your friend or family member. Always check in with the bride/groom and best man/ maid of honour to see if there is anything you can do to help.

Remember this is someone else’s big day: While you might have a lot of awesome ideas, the final decision always goes to the bride and groom.

Don’t take things personally: Weddings can bring out the best and worst of brides, grooms and the bridal party. Make sure you don’t take personally things that are said. A wedding usually signifies a massive life change and a lot of stress is involved in that. Because of that, people can say things they don’t mean.

Prepare for the worst: Anything can happen on the big day, from terrible weather to dresses ripping. Have an emergency kit ready with bobby pins, deodorant, tape, mints and other essentials.

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