Mackay and Whitsundays Wedding Guide


There are several considerat­ions to make when picking your posse


THEwedding party, both bridesmaid­s and groomsmen, is your number-one support network in the lead-up to the wedding.

Tips for choosing the wedding party

Think about the responsibi­lities. The maid of honour and best man are usually the bride and groom’s right-hand woman and man throughout the entire wedding process. Are the people you choose responsibl­e and trustworth­y?

What about family? It is common to see brothers and sisters included in the wedding party, usually at the choice of the bride and groom. Sometimes parents or in-laws could have certain expectatio­ns about who should be included in the wedding party. It could be a good idea to think about the potential impact of not including a certain person you might feel pressured to include could it cause rifts?

Don’t worry about gender. Women can stand with men and men can stand with women. Good friendship is not determined by gender. And what do you call them? How about the man of honour and the best woman?

Are there children in your family or social circle you’d like to be part of the wedding? You can include the by having flower girls throw petals along the aisle and page boys carrying the rings.

Don’t be offended if someone says no.

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