Mackay and Whitsundays Wedding Guide


Announce your wedding along with its style


ONCE you have decided on your guest list and have the venue locked in, it’s time to send out the invitation­s.

This is your first opportunit­y to confirm your wedding location, theme and other informatio­n with family and friends.

The invitation should start with an invite line where you tease people into the rest of the invitation, with phrases such as the honour of your presence, the pleasure of your company, or you are invited to share their joy as. Following this should be the names of the couple getting married. You can list full names, first names only, preferred names, whatever you like.

The action line comes next. What do you want your guests to do? Do you request the pleasure of their company at the celebratio­n of marriage or do you want them to join us as we exchange vows of love and commitment?

The informatio­n line comes next. This should be kept to the basic time, date and location.

Following this is the party line, where you explain what will happen after the ceremony. It can be something as simple as dinner and dancing to follow. If the reception is at a different location, include the location and the time it starts.

As for the invitation design, you want it to reflect the theme of your wedding.

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