Mackay and Whitsundays Wedding Guide


Test and try: Aim for a look that will last for 10 hours

- Top tips ::

WEDDING hair will generally have to last for about 10 hours, so it s important to chose a hairstyle that works for your hair. Make sure you test your hair design beforehand so you know it will last.

Recent trends in hair design show brides have been going for a more natural look. While curls and frizz should be somewhat tamed, natural waves running free, paired with something like a flower crown are quite popular.

The simple updo is also in fashion, creating an effortless look that is well put together. That doesn’t mean you can t have a bit of fun though. Wrapping hair around the bun, braiding parts of the bun or leaving a few strands free can create a unique and creative look.

Make sure your hair is shampooed the day before so your hair is easier to work with. :: Bring along any head pieces of veils during the hair trial to make sure they can be incorporat­ed into the design. :: If you are colouring your hair, make sure you are happy with it for your wedding day. You don’t want regrowth to ruin photos. :: Time how long the trial takes so you know how long it will take on the big day. :: Have your hair done first and then your make-up.

What make-up should you wear? Wedding make-up should be chosen around what suits your face. Everybody has different face shapes, skin tone and lip shapes.

Keeping things natural is a great way to show you. The make-up style you choose should come down to personal preference and what you think is best for you.

Airbrush make-up and fake eyelashes help to emphasise your face and eyebrows.

A natural, no make-up look has been one of the biggest trends in recent years.

Make sure your skin is clean and exfoliated and use a light foundation to hide any spots.

A matte-brown eye shadow and eyeliner can help emphasise your eyes while keeping with the natural look, as can a lightly coloured nude lip stick. Berry lips have made a comeback in recent years. From plum colours to burgundy, there are many different shades to chose from. Before picking a colour though, it’s best to test your undertones.

If gold jewellery is what looks best on you, you have yellow undertones, if silver looks better you have pink undertones.

People with yellow undertones should wear more burgundy, deep red and maroon shades, while people with pink undertones should wear more deep plum and oxblood berry shades.

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