Mackay and Whitsundays Wedding Guide


Weddings can be all fun and games too


BETWEEN the ceremony and the reception, the first course and the second course, after dessert. No matter what time of the wedding you want to make sure guests are entertaine­d.

Music is one of the best forms of entertainm­ent.

Live bands, wedding singers, DJS, jukeboxes or play lists, there are many music options available at weddings.

Music is generally used to create a mood. Songs such aswagner’s Bridal Chorus and Mendelssoh­n’s wedding March remain favourites, as does Pachelbel’s Canon in D.

Couples generally pick a happy, upbeat song for the recessiona­l, when they leave the ceremony venue.

Here are some other entertainm­ent ideas: Table games: From games such as Mad Libs, which allow guests to bond with each other, to guess who of wedding guests and other board games, there are many different activities guests can take part in at their table.

One idea could be to have a table booklet which the table works together to fill out with questions in it such aswhat should we name our first child?, What should we do on date night?, etc.

Yard games: If you are having an outdoor ceremony or reception, outdoor games could be the way to go.

You could play ring toss, Jenga, or oversized board games.

Traditiona­l childhood games such as tag or hide and seek could also work a treat with the adults.

Group games: Games such as Sing Star or Guitar Hero could also be a good way for guests to interact and break the ice.

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