Mackay and Whitsundays Wedding Guide

Suiting up

Making the right choice is vital for groom, groomsmen


COOL, calm and collected. That is what a groom has to be on his wedding day and good attire is key to that composure.

While not as important as the wedding dress, the groom’s suit is still another important choice that has to be made.

More practical than a wedding dress, a suit can be worn more than once, so it’s important to get the choice right.

A morning suit is one of the most formal and traditiona­l suits a groom and groomsmen could wear. They are generally worn with a top hat, striped trousers and waistcoat.

For a timeless look, consider a black tie suit. Paired with a bow-tie and a white collared shirt the groom will instantly have an elegant and classy look about him, plus a suit that will be perfect for going to the theatre or evening soirees in.

Black, navy blue, charcoal grey, brown and pinstripe suit colours are perfect for suits that can be utilised again in the future.

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